The Alabama Secretary of State's Office is investigating how some voter registration forms are being mailed to people at addresses where they never lived.

1819 News obtained evidence that a woman was sent a voter registration form from the Alabama Medicaid Agency. The form was sent to the home of the woman's parents. The envelope was addressed to her in her maiden name. She has been married for 24 years and said she never lived at the address.

The Alabama Medicaid Agency is authorized to send voter registration forms through the National Voter Registration Act.

However, Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen said this isn't the only strange case he has heard of.

"It is on our radar and we are currently investigating," Allen told 1819 News. "In fact, I testified before the U.S. Senate Rules Committee on March 12, 2024, regarding my concerns about the National Voter Registration Act and Biden's voter registration Executive Order."

The Alabama Medicaid Agency refused a media request concerning the matter but asked for contact information for the recipient so they could investigate. Still, Allen said election integrity is a top priority for his office.

"Since I took the Oath of Office in January of 2023, my track record is very clear," Allen said. "From replacing ERIC with our Alabama based solution AVID and championing legislation to stop ballot harvesting and ranked choice voting, I have demonstrated that election security is my top priority. This office is utilizing all lawful means to ensure that our voter file is the cleanest and most accurate voter file in the country."

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