MONTGOMERY — On Tuesday, members of the Alabama Senate Judiciary Committee held a public hearing on legislation that would change some of the state's ethics laws.

House Bill 227 (HB227), sponsored by State Rep. Matt Simpson (R-Daphne), passed the House by a 79-9 margin on April 2. The Senate Judiciary Committee held a public hearing on the bill on Tuesday. A vote on the bill is scheduled for the committee on Wednesday.

Simpson said in the hearing, "This bill will revamp the ethics laws as they are in Alabama."

"This is a bill that has come from many years of not just this bill but many years of work in this building to try to address the ethics laws and make sure the ethics laws make sense. The goal behind it is clarity and to end the confusion," Simpson said.

Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall and the Alabama Ethics Commission oppose the legislation.

"Our overarching issue with the ethics legislation was addressed this afternoon by Chief Counsel Katherine Robertson in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee. Everyone agrees that we need strong and clear ethics laws. Our concern is, and has been, that this bill achieves neither," Amanda Priest, a spokeswoman for Marshall, said on Tuesday.

There are two days left in the legislative session. 

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