The Alabama Senate passed legislation that would establish titles for new boats in the state of Alabama.

Senate Bill 211 (SB211) is sponsored by State Sen. Chris Elliott (R-Daphne).

Elliott said, “Alabama does not title boats.

“People often steal boats and take them to other states where they are titled for the first time,” Elliott said. “There is also an issue with derelict vessels.”

State Sen. Rodger Smitherman (D-Birmingham) said, “I was told that one of the concerns was when people trade boats in. We get these boats traded in and they are stolen boats. The title will cover that. I had someone come to me and explain this to me.”

Elliott said, “We have halved the boat titling fee that I see in other states.”

The title fee that Alabamians will have to pay when they purchase a new boat is $25.

“They will pay this when they buy a new boat,” Elliott said.

SB211 passed the Alabama Senate by a vote of 26 to 1.

The legislation now moves to the Alabama House of Representatives for their consideration.

Thursday will be day 12 of the 2022 Alabama Regular Legislative Session.

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