By Erica Thomas, Managing Editor

Susan Dubose announced she is running for State Representative for House District 45. Dubose, the 2021 President of the Republican Women of North Shelby County, celebrated with a kickoff party on Sept. 14 in her Greystone neighborhood.

Dubose said she has been involved in politics for about 10 years. She said she has always been interested in politics and policy, and she is running as a true conservative. Her background is in finance but said she was able to take time off to raise her children. After they went off to college, she began to devote more of her time to local politics.

“Honestly, I care,” Dubose said. “I care about conservative policy. I have this passion for it.”

Dubose got the idea to run for office after she identified a weakness in leadership within her district.

“What’s happened in the last couple of years is that I started noticing that my particular representative was no longer voting as a conservative,” Dubose said.

Conservative values are what Dubose wants to keep for her district. She said she was more convinced that was not happening when she read the Alabama Policy Institute’s 2021 Watchlist. The API scores lawmakers 1 – 100 on their conservative stances.

“I would aim to be much closer to 100% conservative, and so that’s why I am running,” Dubose added.

Some key issues Dubose would like to focus on are education and support for school choice, election integrity, and voting fraud prevention, small government and fewer taxes, and prevention of mandates on Alabamians, particularly concerning the COVID-19 vaccine.

“That’s what I’m hearing from my constituents, that they are tired of this government overreach,” Dubose said.

Dubose considers herself more of a public servant than a politician. She also encourages other women to get involved and to run for office.

“We need more women to step up and be representatives of our communities,” Dubose said. “We need a better balance of men and women in the House. So that’s an area that Republicans need to work on, encouraging women to run for office and let their voices be heard.”

If she wins the race, Dubose said she would be accessible and share her cell phone number with all constituents.

As of right now, Dubose is running against incumbent Dickie Drake (R), of Leeds. 1819 News has reached out to Drake for comment.

House District 45, like the rest of the state’s legislative districts, has to be reapportioned and redistricted before the 2022 election. The state legislature will meet on Oct. 28 in a special session to consider redistricting.

The Republican primary is May 24, 2022. 

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