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The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) released survey results on the growing divide between America’s political left and right. The SPLC polled 1,500 people across Democratic and Republican lines, specifically regarding views of government, gender issues and the “Great Replacement."

The SPLC, founded in the early 1970s to combat hate against Black Americans, now serves as one of the chief critics of what’s known as “Replacement Theory” — a belief that there’s an intentional effort to shift demographics to alter the country’s culture or political power structure.

One distressing finding from the poll came when the SPLC asked respondents if they were in favor of assassinating politicians who are “harming this country or our democracy.”

No majority approved the question. However, young Democratic men were the most agreeable to the idea, with 44% of respondents voting in favor, while 40% of young Republican women supported the concept. Some 34% of young Republican men were in favor while 32% of young Democratic women also are in favor. But 10% or fewer of older Democratic and Republican men and women were in favor of the idea.

In a surprising result, 34% of Democratic young women and 40% of Democratic young men believed that transgender people were attempting to “indoctrinate children into their lifestyle.”

Also surprising, the SPLC found that more young Democratic men (46%) than older Republican men (42%) find feminism to have done more harm than good.

Some 23% of young Democratic women and only 10% of older Democratic women found feminism to be a net negative.

In comparison, 52% of young Republican women and 62% of young Republican men found that feminism has done more harm than good. 

Based on survey results, the SPLC claims that self-professed Democrats have a much higher level of trust in the federal government than Republicans.

Over half of people agree that the government “has become tyrannical,” including 70% of Republicans and 78% of those who consider themselves “very conservative.” Only 29% of Republicans say they have even a fair amount of trust in the federal government, compared to 60% of Democrats.

Markedly more Republicans have faith in their state and local governments – 51% and 59%.

The Great Replacement refers to a theory that claims Democrats are intentionally trying to increase immigration into their cities to grow the number of Democratic voters.

While most mainstream proponents of the Great Replacement do not claim a racial component to their analysis of the supposed immigration plot, others have suggested that mass immigration is a method of decreasing white demographics in many areas.

The SPLC asked, with a sliding scale of approval/disapproval, if people thought it was positive or negative that white people would be a minority in the next 25 years.

For Republicans, 8% thought it was very positive, 20% thought it was somewhat positive, and 23% thought it was very negative.

For Democrats, 27% believed it was very positive, 12% thought it was somewhat negative, and only 5% thought it was very negative.

The SPLC asked if people believed that the change in demographic is not natural but has rather been motivated by progressive and liberal leaders actively trying to leverage political power by replacing more conservative white voters.

Some 47% of young Democratic women, 54% of young Democratic men, 23% of older Democratic men and 8% of older Democratic women agreed that the demographic shift was artificial.

Meanwhile, 61% of young Republican women, 63% of young Republican men and 71% of older Republican men and women also agreed that liberal leaders actively orchestrated the demographic shift.

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