Now that the U.S. Supreme Court opinion on Dobbs v. Jackson Women's Health Organization has been formally released, which in turn allowed for a stay to be released on the 2019 Human Life Protection Act, Alabama has one of the strictest abortion bans in the nation.

When a draft opinion was leaked earlier this year, there was speculation the Alabama Legislature could revisit the 2019 ban and include exceptions for rape and incest.

However, some Republican members of the legislature have dismissed that as a possibility, with others reserving judgment until the leaked opinion became official.

State Sen. Chris Elliott (R-Josephine) is among those who say the 2019 law should stay as it is.

During an interview with Mobile radio FM Talk 106.5, Elliott reminded listeners the debate before the passage of the 2019 law was thorough and noted the Alabama Constitution, amended by a vote of the public, reflected that law.

"I don't see the need for that at all," Elliott said. "It was a lengthy debate. It was a passionate debate. It was a heartfelt debate where tough issues were discussed and handled. And I think it's settled in Alabama. This opinion, it needs to be clear, returns that power to the states, which is where it should have always resided, with the states. In Alabama, we're a pro-life state. It is in our constitution. It is enshrined in the law. Women who want to go have an abortion, do it somewhere else because you're not going to be able to do it in Alabama.

"The voters have made that clear through a constitutional amendment. The legislature, again, has already passed the most restrictive abortion ban in the [country]. Alabama is a pro-life state, and we've always meant it. Now, with the removal of what has been close to 50 years of judicial overreach, we're finally and literally a pro-life state."

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