Former Trump advisor and host of "War Room" Steve Bannon gave 1819 News and its editor-in-chief Jeff Poor some high praise during his show on Monday.

“There’s a fantastic site, one of the leaders of it is a guy who worked for me at Breitbart, Jeff Poor, and he had worked for Tucker [Carlson] before at Daily Caller so this guy’s very well trained. Jeff Poor’s a rockstar,” Bannon said.

“They have a great site down in Alabama, a news site called 1819 News, which is when Alabama came into the union as a state. Fantastic site,” he added.

Bannon said an “incredible piece” written by 1819 News’ editor-at-large Erica Thomas about former U.S. Navy SEAL Jared Hudson's work to save human trafficking victims caught his eye, and he had Hudson on his show to discuss the article and his organization, Covenant Rescue Group.

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