AUBURN – Grading Auburn after the team stole victory from the jaws of defeat against Missouri, 17-14.

Quarterbacks: F

Auburn became almost one-dimensional today, and despite a few solid throws from Robby Ashford, the passing offense just could not get in a rhythm. Ashford and fellow freshman Holden Geriner finished with a combined 14 completions on 21 attempts for 135 yards. 

Running Backs: C

Tank Bigsby almost doubled his touches from a week ago, but the offense just could not find any success after the first two drives. Bigsby finished with just 44 yards in 19 carries and Jarquez Hunter managed 15 yards. 

Wide Receivers/Tight Ends: D+

Koy Moore was the lone bright spot in a receiving corps and overall passing offense that left a lot to be desired. There were not bad drops like last year, but just no rhythm of any kind in the passing game. Moore and tight end John Samuel Shenker were the only Auburn players with more than 10 receiving yards. 

Offensive Line: F

Two solid drives to start the game don't negate the rest of the game, and the offensive line just fell apart down the stretch. The loss of center Tate Johnson proved crucial down the stretch as the line gave up four sacks and 12 tackles for loss. Auburn managed only 82 yards on the ground, and the running backs were hit behind the line of scrimmage on several occasions. 

Defensive Line: B+

A huge step forward after the Penn State loss, the defensive line managed four sacks Saturday, and Derick Hall’s interception was the Tigers’ first turnover of the year. The unit still struggled a bit in run defense in the second quarter but applied pressure throughout the contest, making things difficult for Missouri quarterback Brady Cook. 

Linebackers: C

Owen Pappoe led the team in tackles with eight, Cam Riley was third with four, but the outside run defense issues continued with the linebackers being out of position throughout the game. The holes left by Zakoby McClain and Chandler Wooten have not been filled. 

Defensive Backs: B

The pass defense took some serious strides today with DJ James having a few really nice pass breakups and Jaylin Simpson making a few plays as well. Might’ve been their best game of the year defensively.

Special Teams: C

Kicker Anders Carlson was the hero of the day for Auburn in the end, but he also missed three other field goals, with two wiped out by Missouri penalties. Punter Oscar Chapman was solid as well and Keionte Scott showed some flashes, but a near-muffed punt almost cost Auburn the game.

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