Talk 99.5’s sixth annual Jawbone Jam will be held on Thursday, May 26, at Iron City Birmingham.

The Jawbone Jam is a charity event with live music. All the event’s proceeds go to two charities for veterans: Three Hots and a Cot, which helps homeless veterans, and Alabama Veteran, which helps veterans adjust to civilian life.

At its inception, the Jawbone Jam was a celebration of Talk 99.5’s “birthday,” but the station decided to make it into a charity event four years ago.

This year, The Wildflowers will be headlining the event. The Wildflowers are the country’s premier Tom Petty tribute band.

Leland Whaley, the afternoon host on Talk 99.5, will be opening in a band with some of his coworkers. They named the band Turd Ferguson after comedian Norm Macdonald's character on Saturday Night Live. Whaley will be playing guitar and possibly the mandolin.

“We made up a name just because we needed a name,” Whaley said.

The Birmingham native band Meet the Next will also be performing. 

Whaley said there will be a silent auction, which will include a $400,000 supercar, T-shirts and other merchandise.

The doors open at 6 p.m., and the concert will be over by 10 p.m.

Tickets can be found online for $10.

“We’re real proud of the success of the station over the last six years, and we always try to leverage that huge audience we built with our team into doing some good," said Whaley. "...We really can do some good. We rotate the charities around, but we’re big on our vets. [It’s] bigger than us. Bigger than the station. Have a good time. Raise some money and celebrate the anniversary of the station.”

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