Monday on Fox Business Network's "Kudlow," U.S. Sen. Tommy Tuberville (R-Auburn) criticized President Joe Biden and his administration for policies in the lead-up and the aftermath of Hamas' attack on southern Israel earlier this month.

Tuberville told FBN host Larry Kudlow the Biden administration's regarding Iran were tied to the terror threat.

"This is a different type of war, Larry," he said. "You know, these are a bunch of animals. They don't care whether they die or not. We've lost hostages there. We've got 30 Americans. We've got American hostages. We've got Israeli hostages. This is a complete mess. We don't know what happened to their intelligence. But that is for another day. I'm like you. The longer you wait, the tougher it is going to be."

"But I think you've got Hezbollah in the northeast part," Tuberville continued. "And, of course, you've got Hamas on the western part, and they're both just kind of waiting. They've been preparing for this, Larry. And we all know that they've been preparing for this for years."

"Unfortunately, Joe Biden, the empty suit that he is in — we might as well have had an empty White House for the last three years," he added. "They gave [Iran] all their money back, dropped the sanctions. They were almost broke when President Trump was in office. Now, they're worth hundreds of billions of dollars. They've given money to all of these terrorists. They are following the company line when it comes to terrorism. And it has put everybody in harm's way thanks to Joe Biden and all those clowns around him."

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