Following last month's shooting in Uvalde, Texas, congressional Democrats have made a concerted effort to push for gun control through the federal government.

However, U.S. Rep. Jerry Carl (R-Mobile) warns the effort goes much deeper than just a reaction to the shooting. He argues Democrats are trying to redefine the Second Amendment.

During an appearance on Mobile radio FM Talk 106.5's "The Jeff Poor Show," Carl urged his fellow lawmakers to consider other factors, including those stemming from an often violent pop culture.

"They're trying to redefine the Second Amendment," Carl said. "They're trying to say it was written back when there were muskets, and there weren't automatic weapons. Therefore, semi-automatic weapons shouldn't apply to the Second Amendment. I totally disagree with that. The Second Amendment was written for us not only to be able to protect our families and our homes. It was also so written so we could protect ourselves from a rogue government. Now that may not be a popular thing to talk about right now, and I'm not saying we've got a rogue government, but it really was written for that purpose -- so we could protect ourselves as a society from a rogue government.

"Now, what happened in Texas and the school shootings is horrible. Jeff, I can't watch it. My heart just bleeds every time I hear a story, and I have to cut the TV off. I can't deal with it. I think, and if everybody will slow down just a second and listen, what we need to do is we all need to sit down at the table. We all need to figure out what's best across the board for everyone. You know you look at Hollywood. You look at our video games. I mean, you're taking kids that no longer go outside, play outside, go in the woods and be kids."

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