As Democrats struggle to explain President Joe Biden's dismal performance at last week's debate, many people are wondering whether he will drop out of the 2024 race.

U.S. Rep. Gary Palmer (R-Hoover) said he believes the debate was a setup to force Biden out and that it further exposed how he is not the one calling the shots behind the scenes.

"Part of my concern was, and we had already started hearing this, was that this was a setup on the Democrats' part so that they can remove him from the ticket," Palmer said Friday on "Alabama's Morning News with JT."

"And I think they're already working on that right now. I think that's exactly why they scheduled the debate before the Democratic conventions in August or September. I think that's when they're having it because they knew that this moment was going to come. And now they're going to be able to go into the convention with their super delegates and replace him."

After seeing the president struggle during the first debate, Palmer said he doubted Biden could finish the remainder of his current term, let alone another four years. However, replacing him won't matter if another Democrat wins the White House.

"It's really not Joe Biden. That's what should be evident to everybody from last night, JT, is Joe Biden is really not the guy making these decisions. He's not capable," Palmer said. "Well, so you replace Joe Biden, you're not going to change the policies that are devastating American families all over the country."

Of the potential replacements, host JT thought Michelle Obama might be the Democrats' best option, but Palmer said the Obamas already have too much influence on the presidency.

"That's why it's so important that people understand that what they saw last night is a very clear demonstration that Joe Biden is not the president in the sense that he's not the one setting the policy agenda. This is the third term of Barack Obama," Palmer responded.

"And if they put Michelle on the ticket, then the American people need to clearly understand that what they've had to endure for the last three and a half months, with the incredible increase in the price of groceries being forced into energy transition that is costing them more than they can afford, their medicine is too expensive, the border is wide open. And these are Barack Obama's policies, not Joe Biden's policies, so why in the world would they want Michelle on the ticket?"

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