U.S. Sen. Katie Britt (R-Montgomery) endorsed former President Donald Trump in the 2024 GOP presidential primary on Wednesday.

In an op-ed in Yellowhammer News on Wednesday, Britt said, "One candidate has already proven he's more than up for the job – because he's done the job successfully. There is one candidate I know will secure the border — because he's done it. There is one candidate I know will achieve peace through strength — because he's done it."

"And that's why President Donald Trump has my endorsement to be our 47th President. Results matter – and the results of his strong leadership as the 45th President of the United States are clear for all to see. These past three years have felt like an eternity, but I'm sure you recall how much better off we were under the Trump Administration. Think back – do you remember $2.00/gallon gas? A carton of eggs for $1.40 and a gallon of milk for $2.90? The average family's real income rising by $6,000? That was President Trump's policies at work," she wrote. "He secured our southern border. He cut taxes and slashed burdensome regulations. He expanded access to a high-quality education. He stood up for our incredible farmers and cattlemen. He battled for fair trade and held Communist China accountable. He onshored good-paying jobs and began rebuilding critical domestic supply chains and industries. He unleashed American energy dominance. He defended religious liberty. He combatted the opioid epidemic. He made our communities safer. He rebuilt our military, bolstered our readiness, and modernized our capabilities. He fought for our veterans. And he achieved peace through strength – no wars were started under his watch for a reason. Our adversaries feared America, and our allies were protected. He obliterated ISIS, signed the Abraham Accords, kept Putin's aggression at bay, stared down Kim Jong Un, and squeezed Iran dry."

With Britt's endorsement, Trump has made a clean sweep on endorsements by Alabama's GOP delegation in the U.S. House and Senate. The primary is scheduled for March 5 in Alabama. The final RNC presidential debate will be held Wednesday night in Tuscaloosa. Trump, the front-runner in the race, won't be attending

Britt wrote, "That's why President Trump is dominating in the polls and why his insurmountable lead only continues to grow as primary dates draw closer." 

"As the American people have heard from the candidates and continuously borne the brunt of the Biden agenda, they have been further and further reminded of the brighter days of the Trump Administration – and now they're more energized than ever to make the one choice they know can ensure that those days return. Americans concerned about saving the country we know and love are rallying as a team to retake the White House," she added. "For our future – for the ability of the next generation to fulfill the promise that is the American Dream – it's time to ensure President Biden only gets one term. Now, let's come together and move forward towards November 2024."

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