This week Bryan sits down with Alabama Secretary of State Wes Allen to hear his story and what his plan is to keep from outsourcing the important job of maintaining our voter rolls. Wes Allen's first order of business when becoming Secretary of State was to get us out of ERIC, a voter integrity database with questionable ties to George Soros funded organizations. Wes Allen made a trip out to ERIC's headquarters only to find that their headquarters didn't exist. Wes got Alabama out of ERIC, but that wasn't the hard part, the hard part was creating a system that would do what ERIC did except it would be done in Alabama by Alabamians. Wes comes on to tell us about that process as well as the features and benefits of the new system, AVID, that his team built.

Overtime Segment : Wes explains the proposed legislation he has been working on that would prevent ballot harvesting in Alabama.

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