Kids to Love CEO, Lee Marshall, has been in the news recently regarding their battle with DHR. This week Bryan sits down with Lee to hear her story and about the incredible services that Kids to Love provides.

Kids to Love also operates Davidson Farms, a foster home for girls, the Whitaker Cottage Community for girls aging out of foster care, and our own licensed Child Placing Agency. It is also home to KTECH, a private school that offers job training in manufacturing, robotics, and more to young adults and people looking to make a career change.

Kids to Love is focused on helping children in so many ways and one more way is by offerering to purchase the first ten baby boxes to be installed in the state of Alabama. These are boxes designed to allow a person to anonymously place a baby inside so that the baby stays safe until help arrives to take care of it, with the end goal of placing the baby into a loving home.

Through the wide variety of programs, Kids to Love is able to reach out and wrap loving arms around children through every step of their time in foster care.

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