This week Bryan sits down with Alabama Attorney General Steve Marshall to discuss the most pressing items of the day.

The discussion begins with a frank conversation about the current gambling legislation before the Senate – AG Marshall doesn’t hold back as he details the absurdity of the bill.

The conversation doesn’t stop there as Bryan engages with AG Marshall on his recent Amicus supporting President Trump’s stay application before the United States Supreme Court; some big wins against ESG and the Climate Cabal; legislation surrounding Carlee Russell’s fake abduction; and the issue of AI-generated, child and deep-fake pornography.

AG Marshall wraps it up with an update on the VCAP legislation passed several years ago restricting the use of cross sex hormones and gender transitioning surgeries in the state of Alabama.

OVERTIME: This week's overtime segment is one for the ages as Bryan and AG Marshall discuss the death penalty and the use of Nitrogen Hypoxia, concluding with a brief history of public executions and how we got to where we are today.

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