The COVID lockdowns pulled back the curtain on every level of our society. We

quickly found out who has the courage to stand on principle and who caved to the tyrannical forces of power. In a deeper way, we came to see what our leaders, friends, and family really valued. The results were deeply troubling.

For many of us, our faith is our core strength and motivator. It shapes our every action and inaction. As faith is our guide, we need our pastors, our shepherds, to be courageous in the face of the prowling wolves.

Unfortunately, we saw a lot of pastors and priests waver in the face of authoritarian policies. In the wake of the lockdowns, there’s been a quiet reshuffling as Christians seek out shepherds they can trust to stand strong. As such, the question of whether someone should find another church has become increasingly prevalent.

Pastor Rich Lusk discusses this issue with Bryan Dawson, helping listeners evaluate and discern whether they should stay or find a new church home. It’s not an easy or light decision and, thankfully, Pastor Lusk gives some great tips and questions we should all consider.

In this week's overtime segment Bryan and Rich Lusk discuss Christians in the political arena. Specifically, Pastor Lusk asks the question, “Where are our Dusty Deavers?”

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