As technology continues to rapidly advance in its power and abilities, the need to think critically about moral ramifications of these advancements is key.

IVF is one of those advancements that needs more discussion, particularly for those individuals and families who desire to have children but also want to honor God and do what is right by Him.

This week Bryan sits down with Jeff Durbin, a prominent pastor in the world of fighting back against abortion, to hear his incredible story. After overcoming addiction, he became a nationally known pastor fighting against the culture of death.

Pastor Jeff's story of devolution from a famed martial artist featured in films such as Mortal Combat and Ninja Turtles to a life of addiction is riveting. Even more incredible is how God saved him and called him to minister to recovering addicts.

With God’s blessing, he eventually turned a recovery center in the Phoenix area into a booming church. Bryan and Jeff dive into the hotly debated subject of IVF. Many individuals see IVF as a good thing because it helps families have children, but that fails to acknowledge the actual process and the moral ramifications for those who believe life starts at conception.

From the IVF conversation the two move to a discussion about what it will actually take to permanently end abortion in Alabama, Arizona, and America. Overtime Segment: One of the big questions many people have in the church is whether God's Law still applies today, and if so, how. Pastor Jeff unpacks this subject better than anyone and you will be edified by the conversation.

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