This week Bryan sits down with the man that taught him everything he knows about the media business.

Lee Habeeb is the creator and co-founder of The Laura Ingraham Show, host of the 11th ranked Talk radio show in the nation, Our American Stories, the VP of Content at Salem Media Company, and a weekly columnist at Newsweek.

Their conversation goes into everything from the power of storytelling to the creation of The Laura Ingraham Show. Habeeb touches on the fact that our nation has certainly been more divided than it is now, and division is not always a bad thing, giving the story of Benjamin Franklin and his son as an incredible example. Lee is a force of nature and this episode is not one you want to miss.

You don't want to miss the Behind the Scenes this week:

American Refugees: The mass exodus from blue states to red ones with a majority of those moving to the supposedly racist south being black Americans looking for lower taxes and a simpler way of life.

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