This week Bryan sits down with Lt. Gov Will Ainsworth to talk about two very important topics. First up they discuss Economic Incentives and Workforce Development, how those two things are connected, and what the state is doing in these areas. Economic Incentives seem to be the Holy Grail of Alabama politics so we ask some clarifying questions. How do they work? What's the point? How can we keep jobs from becoming an idol to where we compromise our conservative principles to keep jobs.

They finish the podcast discussing what needs to be done to make sure we never have another government overreach reaction like we did during COVID. Will pulls no punches and systematically breaks down what needs to be done both from a leadership perspective and a legislative perspective to ensure we never have to go through anything like that again.

BTS: This week's overtime is Lt. Gov Will Ainsworth letting it rip on the ridiculousness of the US43 project where we plan to borrow against future gas tax money to build a $1B corridor from Tuscaloosa to Mobile despite getting no Federal matching funds and having other infrastructure issues that should be much higher on the priority list.

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