Imagine at any moment you are expected to give your life for another man and that man is the president of the United States. That was the experience of United States Secret Service Agent Ken Valentine who served not just one president, but three: Bill Clinton, George W. Bush, and Barack Obama.

As Bryan Dawson’s guest this week, Valentine shares incredible stories from his career as well as his perspective on our times. You’ll find his answer to whether he believes Trump is at an elevated threat level to be truly alarming.

In addition to discussing many life lessons learned during his unique profession,

Valentine also comments on his book, Cheating Death, and where the title comes from.

OVERTIME: Did you know the Secret Service was created for financial crimes? In this week's overtime segment, Ken Valentine tells the origins story of the Secret Service, including the wild twist of President Lincoln's untimely assassination and the creation of the United States Secret Service.

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