This week's episode will travel the full gamut of emotions as Rick Burgess sits down with Bryan to share a message they hope will challenge men to take their responsibility as husbands, fathers, and spiritual leaders serious.

Rick shares the story of how God used the near death experience of his wife while she was giving birth to get his attention causing him to become serious about his faith. He began to grow in his faith and love for God's Word, ultimately becoming the leader his family deserved. 9 years later when tragedy struck and they lost their son in a tragic accident, Rick was able to be the rock his family needed to navigate them through the pain and loss.

This incredible story of God's grace and mercy through tragedy will move you deeply and Rick's words will challenge you to take your faith seriously so that you are prepared to lead when tragedy strikes.

OVERTIME: This week's overtime segment, Rick and Bryan discuss the consequences for ""Fake World"" foisting their nonsense upon real folks and how that has backfired with Target, Bud Light, Disney and more. This one is a lot of fun and exactly what you'd expect when Rick and Bryan get together.

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