• Tuberville applauds SCOTUS ruling that sides with H.S. football coach
  • Matt Clark with ACLL talks with Daily Detail about Kennedy v Bremerton
  • ALEA disputes criteria for provisional ballot in SD27 Republican primary dispute
  • S Alabama teen shot and killed at gas station was selling marijuana to suspects
  • Former Athens city school officials agree to repayment in fraud case
  • Gas Station in Tuscaloosa County to build first electric charging station for EVs


  • Amtrak train derails in Missouri after hitting dump truck at crossing: 3 dead
  • 46 illegal migrants dead after being trapped in tractor trailer in Texas heat
  • Over half of states will have some form of abortion ban in weeks ahead
  • CA drops "good cause" policy for concealed carry permits following SCOTUS ruling
  • NY state Supreme Court rules that illegal aliens cannot vote in municipal elections

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