• Death row inmate Kenneth Eugene Smith dies from nitrogen hypoxia executed
  • Governor Ivey supports TX in maintaining control of border at Eagle Pass
  • Tuberville and Britt object to new CAFE standards on gas vehicles
  • Debate held between Congressmen Carl and Moore now on 1819 website
  • RFK Jr. brings up hot topics while speaking Tuscaloosa on Wednesday
  • First baby dropped off at newly installed Safe Haven Baby Box in Madison


  • Mitch McConnell backs off of border package negotiated in Senate
  • Former Trump admin Peter Navarro sentenced to 4 months in prison
  • 2 big donors decide to pull their donations to Nikki Haley's campaign
  • Trump tells RNC not to make him presumptive nominee until process is over
  • James O'Keefe uncovers more confirmation on DC orgies with congress members
  • Kari Lake explains further the audio of a bribe offer to her before senate run

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