• Senate candidate Jessica Taylor drops out of race and endorses Mike Durant
  • Qualifying for the Republican primary is now open, ends on January 28th
  • Toyota leads other automakers in highest number of vehicles sold in 2021
  • Hobby Lobby employee is charged with sexual assault at the store in Decatur
  • Lauderdale county coroner faces impeachment hearing this Thursday for negligence


  • WV Senator Joe Manchin is back in DC and still a NO vote on Build Back Better
  • FL Governor Ron DeSantis not happy with HHS shipment of Monoclonal antibodies
  • Facebook reverses a decision to remove ads from Children's books publisher
  • Carjackings are up in Chicago, the latest involves a judge and her 3 year old son
  • Rasmussen polls voters on FBI, many view agency as Biden's personal Gestapo thugs

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