• Dale Strong voices his support of Jim Jordan as next Speaker of the House
  • Mike Rogers voices support for Jordan one day afterALGOP party leaders consider blocking his ballot entry in future elections
  • 2 House members qualify for 2024 cycle- Jerry Carl & Robert Aderholt
  • An open letter to Governor Ivey details leadership abuses within DHR
  • Details on nature of Natalie Holloway's death to come out this Wednesday
  • City of Fairhope creates park ranger position for Colony and Knolls park.


  • 4 men at US Mexico border flag the terrorist screening data base
  • Catholic Cardinal based in Israel offers himself in hostage exchange
  • Laser weaponry very likely used by Israel based on testing done last year
  • DC judge issues gag order against Donald Trump, who calls it unconstitutional
  • More banking docs coming out re: Joe Biden's brother James
  • House Oversight committee digging deeper into Joe Biden's classified doc issue
  • Appellate court upholds NY Supreme Court ruling against vaccine mandates

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