• Senator Tuberville breaks silence on comments made at Trump rally
  • Victoryland casinos seeking delayed injunction from state supreme court
  • UAB professor recorded in speech that calls teen suicide a "bold decision"
  • A Homewood officer now placed on leave after shooting of suspicious man
  • ADOC says the prison inmate work strikes is now over in all facilities
  • Deontay Wilder KOs opponent in first game since defeat to Tyson Fury


  • More whistleblowing implicates Joe Biden involved in Hunter's foreign deals
  • DOJ recommends 6 months in prison to Steve Bannon for defying subpoena
  • 2A group sues city of Glendale CA for over restrictive gun ordnance
  • Konnech CEO released on bond after charges for data breach helping China
  • Jill Biden gets merciless boos by crowd in Democrat heavy Philadelphia

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