• Gary Palmer puts name on list for House Speaker candidates
  • Commerce secretary Greg Canfield to leave position at end of 2023
  • Governor Ivey appoints Ellen McNair to step into Canfield's role
  • A second lawsuit filed against Gray TV for firing over Covid vaccine
  • Surplus state property is now being auctioned off this week online
  • Lt. Governor Ainsworth working on workforce development for 2024


  • Mother and Daughter from Chicago released from hostage situation in Israel
  • 9 names now to be considered in renewed Speaker of the House process
  • Apple execs stop production of talk show with Jon Stewart over China & AI
  • Federal judge overturns CA's 30 year ban on "assault weapons"
  • Vaccine contaminants identified as SV 40 DNA sequence that causes cancer
  • A discussion re: psychological warfare by former KGB agent, Yuri Bezemenov

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