• State senator Chris Elliot weighs on on the AHSAA and religious athlete policy
  • 10 amendments will be on the ballot this November for Alabamians
  • Geneva county man arrested for pointing laser at military aircraft
  • Nascar driver Jordan Anderson suffers 2n degree burns after spin out
  • 2nd school official in Trussville placed on paid absence re: student "death list"
  • Part 2 of interview with Pat Ellis of Eagle Forum re: sex ed curriculum in schools


  • Death toll is at 49 following Hurricane Ian in Fl, GA, SC and NC.
  • VP Kamala Harris causes confusion by tying hurricane relief to race and ethnicity
  • Biden praises hero Coast Guard swimmer days from leaving due to vaccine mandate
  • PA family speaks out about recent FBI raid due to "push" at an abortion clinic
  • Former congressman in PA sentenced to prison for years of election fraud

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