• AG Marshall says Hamas terrorists a direct threat to US by way of open border
  • State Rep. John Rogers in jail as of Monday, after judge revokes bond
  • Lee County GOP passes resolution calling for libraries to leave the ALA
  • The NOAA will not establish speed limit in Gulf waters re: Rice Whales
  • US FDA recalls 26 over the counter eye drops due to contamination
  • Extradition of Joran Van der Sloot back to Peru was delayed on Monday


  • A single bill to offer financial aid to Israel gets $ by cutting IRS budget
  • Federal judge issues injunction to stop the cutting of razor wire at border
  • Auto workers reach a deal with Big 3 auto companies to end strike
  • CEO of Google was on the stand in lawsuit brought by DOJ against company
  • DC judge reissues gag order on Donald Trump, only to get blasted by him
  • Another case starts in Colorado to remove Trumps name from ballot
  • Florida GOP assembly calls on Ron DeSantis to quit primary campaign
  • CDC survey shows little to no interest in latest covid 19 booster shot
  • Scientists on testing of vaccine contents and DNA discovered in plasmid

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