• AL Democratic Party blames Sen. Tuberville for USMC general's heart attack
  • Wes Kitchens looks to campaign for open state senate seat for District 9
  • Sheffield police say young boy injured by gunfire had successful surgery
  • Joren Van Der Sloot is headed back to Peru after extradition flight on Tuesday
  • Rides being inspected ahead of National Peanut Festival in Dothan
  • Oliver Anthony is part of the musical line up for Cullman's Rock the South


  • 300 US troops being deployed for support roles in Middle East
  • Independent media has video of razor wire being lifted to help illegal aliens
  • ACLU gets amicus brief rejected by judge in Donald Trump's DC case
  • Retired Gen. Michael Flynn talks about Blackmail of Congress
  • 82 K emails from Joe Biden using aliases are produced by National Archives
  • Part 3 of scientists discussing the DNA contaminants in Covid 19 vaccines

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