• 4 AL congressmen vote in favor of lower VP Kamala Harris' salary
  • Governor Ivey sets date for inmate execution for January 2024
  • 3 moderators are chosen for the RNC presidential primary debate in AL
  • Design plans for new State House in Montgomery now released
  • Veterans within Heritage Foundation back up Tuberville's military holds
  • US Marine Corp celebrates 248 years since its creation


  • GA congresswoman offers articles of impeachment for DHS director
  • TX judge rules against ATF on pistol brace registration policy
  • AP cuts ties with freelance reporter taking part in Hamas attack in Israel
  • More subpeonas issued by House Oversight re: Hunter Biden "art" agents
  • TN senator issues subpoena for Jeffrey Epstein flight log and names on it
  • More info on the manifesto of the TN school shooter

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