• A week of unusually colder weather for November continues in AL
  • Macon Cty grand jury indicts murder suspect in Aniah Blanchard's death
  • 35th inmate death for 2022 is reported from prison facility in Bessemer
  • ALDOT to take action at crosswalk where JSU student was hit and then died
  • 14 Montgomery public schools are on the list of failing schools for AL
  • Bird flu cases are confirmed in black vultures in Montgomery area
  • Birmingham Airport to deploy comfort dogs ahead of Thanksgiving travel


  • US intel agencies report 2 missiles entering Poland and killing 2
  • Joe Biden skips diplomatic dinner in Bali, Indonesia during G20 summit
  • WI senator does not mince words, says Biden is compromised by China
  • Donald Trump will run for President again in 2024
  • Preliminary GOP vote in House has Kevin McCarthy as nominee for Speaker
  • FBI director gets grilled in House committee re: agents and Jan. 6th events
  • Philly mayor says busses of illegal migrants are coming, TX Gov says no

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