• The state of Alabama executed Casey McWhorter by way of lethal injection
  • Dems to offer rule change to circumvent Tuberville's hold on promotions
  • Vote delayed by AL Public Library Service re: affiliation with ALA
  • Mobile grand jury does not find police liable for death of Jawan Dallas
  • Bird flu cases in Marshal county appear to be contained says ADA
  • Hixie is new K-9 unit in Jefferson county to sniff out hidden electronics


  • Speaker Johnson ready to call key witnesses for investigation into Joe Biden
  • Angry protestors demand peace in Middle East in front of DNC in DC
  • Utah jury finds Antifa connected man guilty of inciting crowd on J6
  • CA jury finds David DePape guilty of attacking Nancy Pelosi's husband
  • Derek Chauvin wants new trial based on study of pathologist in Kansas
  • MI judge says Donald Trump cannot be taken off primary ballot in that state
  • Judge temporarily lifts gag order on Trump as appeals process continues

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