• Both AL senators join in appeal to EPA over necessary agriculture pesticide
  • State lawmaker Susan Dubs to host a Girl's Day at the Capitol on 12.18.23
  • An AL commission to help grandparents raising grandchildren is up and running
  • Mobile city council to vote on new policy surrounding police body cameras
  • Decatur police chief says officer violated Dept policy in shooting of man
  • Honda auto company recalls 250K vehicles due to faulty bearings


  • Joe Biden turned 81 on Monday, focuses on 6 year old girl at event
  • Donald Trump releases medical report placing him in excellent health for his age
  • 2 of 3 judges on appeals court seem inclined to lift gag order against Trump
  • DEI policy passed within the FCC, broadband entities not happy
  • TX AG to investigate Media Matters for fraud re: advertisers on X platform
  • An Actual Biological woman was named Miss Universe for 2023

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