• AL Congressional Delegates speak out about releasing gas from Petroleum Reserve
  • AG Steve Marshall joins lawsuit in Colorado regarding Masterpiece Cakeshop
  • Ravine in Blount County is now cleared of dumped Fed-Ex packages
  • Oneonta boy is recognized for saving his mother's life during heart attack
  • Alabama's Nick Saban is fired up over criticism of his team's game record


  • Amazon Employees in 20 countries plan to strike on Black Friday
  • Poll shows that over half of host families for Thanksgiving were not demanding Covid 19 compliance
  • US Marines face Monday deadline for getting the Covid 19 vaccine, thousands still not complying
  • Remain in Mexico policy to resume under Biden Administration this coming Monday
  • Georgia jury convicts 3 men of murdering Ahmaud Arbery, his father comments publicly following the verdict.

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