• Senator Tuberville writes op-ed on Biden Administration and its anti-family agenda
  • AL congressman Mike Rogers signs letter questioning ATF policy change on gun records
  • Austal USA announces deal with state based steel supplier SSAB
  • AL death row inmate dies 3 years after avoiding lethal injection due to collapsed veins
  • Blount county Sheriff finds possible Fed Ex driver who dumped packages into ravine
  • Hunter in Autagua county finds human remains in woods


  • Brick and mortar retail stores see 28% dive in sales this past Black Friday
  • Federal Government approaches government shutdown this Friday
  • Pro-life case out of Mississippi to be heard in US Supreme Court this Wednesday
  • Jury is chosen in the Ghislaine Maxwell and Jeffery Epstein sex abuse case in NYC
  • Former President Donald Trump challenges News Outlets to debate over stolen election
  • UK Health secretary announces plans for multiple Covid 19 boosters in one year alone

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