• State agrees to not attempt another lethal injection on inmate Alan Miller
  • Mobile city council meeting ends in walk out over medical marijuana issue
  • Trussville school board ready to seek new school superintendent
  • Mother in Lauderdale county wants answers to 4 year disappearance of son
  • Vote is set in Tuscaloosa county on a tax increase to be used for schools
  • Auburn University names Hugh Freeze as new head football coach


  • Pentagon says China plans to triple nuclear missiles within next 10 years
  • House member says Kevin McCarthy doesn't have enough votes for Speaker
  • Reporter Lara Logan weighs in on Balenciaga debacle re: pedophilia
  • My Pillow CEO Mike Lindell will seek the RNC chairmanship
  • Apple looks to pull Twitter app, while ND governor prohibits Tik Tok app

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