• AL Supreme Court issues another execution date for death row inmate
  • Dick Brubaker is jumping into GOP primary for Congressional District 2
  • Susan DuBose pre-files the Women's Bill of Rights for 2024 state session
  • Stacy Lee George enters special election for District 9 state senate seat
  • Defrocked priest from Mobile is back in US after trip to Italy with female
  • State lawmaker John Rogers no longer in jail for breaking bond agreement
  • Dexter Avenue church in Montgomery has new senior pastor


  • US Pentagon sending more battleships and personnel to Middle East
  • SCOTUS to hear case involving NRA and former official in state of NY
  • Tense moments in NYC courtroom between Trump and judge
  • NYTimes poll shows a shift of Hispanic and Black votes to Trump
  • Steven Crowder obtains 3 pages of TN mass shooter manifesto
  • McDonalds moves out of San Fran section due to environment
  • Amazon owner Jeff Bezos leaves blues state WA for red state FL

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