• Mobile Republican hold prayer vigil ahead of abortion case before SCOTUS today
  • US Department of Justice files another complaint against AL prisons
  • Amazon workers in Bessemer may have to vote again on Unionization issue
  • Thieves cut hole in Best Buy Roof to get to electronics says Spanish Fort police chief
  • Kenny Chesney will perform in 2022 at brand New Orion amphitheater in Huntsville


  • Shooting at a Michigan high school claims 3 students lives, 15 year old suspect caught
  • Judge blocks Biden's vaccine mandate applied to Medicaid and Medicare health workers
  • "Empire "actor Jussie Smollett is back in court for staging hoax hate crime in Chicago
  • FL governor says no way to travel restrictions or lockdowns due to "omicron variant"
  • W.H.O skips over naming new variant with "Xi" label, to avoid upsetting China
  • Cyber Monday sales see a dip compared to numbers from year before.

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