• The State's unemployment rate for November is unmoved from October numbers
  • A Bill regarding a lottery and gambling in AL is pre-filed for 2022 legislative session
  • The city council of Sheffield approves a sales tax increase to 9.5% from 9.0
  • A Death investigation is underway in Pelham regarding off duty firefighter
  • Bo Nix transfers out of Auburn and into Oregon and the PAC-12
  • Wreaths Across America places 2.5 million wreaths this past weekend


  • Manchin is a definite no vote on Build Back Better
  • Numbers from the New York Times reveal about 38 thousand Afghan refugees settled in communities across the nation another 36 thousand still living at US military bases
  • Texas begins construction of a border wall funded by the state not federal government
  • NIH emails show a plan to squash dissent on Covid 19 policies like lockdowns
  • Two democrat Senators confirm they have Covid 19 after being vaxxed and boosted

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