• Matthew Clark at ACLL asks SCOTUS to issue stay on vaccine mandates before Christmas
  • Former Chairwoman for AL Democratic Party is hospitalized and gravely ill
  • Saraland woman pleads guilty to defrauding federal PPP program for Covid losses
  • Elmore County authorities continue search for 68 year old man gone missing last week
  • Southern Women's exhibition in Birmingham is cancelled
  • Firefighters in Killen rescue dog that fell down a 300 foot ravine


  • Department of Defense is redefining what extremism looks like in military ranks
  • Biden issues ominous warning re: Omicron virus, mRNA vaccine inventor disagrees
  • Deadline approaches for replacing the unsatisfactory PCR test for detecting Covid 19
  • Turns out the missionaries in Haiti are free because of an escape they planned
  • 39 Americans were recently removed from Afghanistan by group called Project Dynamo

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