• Pitbull from Guntersville to be euthanized according to state supreme court
  • ALDOT to allocate $350m for Bayway and Bridge project in Mobile
  • Montgomery judge dismisses sex abuse case against Perry Hooper Jr.
  • A sentencing date for Feb next year set for two convicted of killing toddler
  • St. Clair County grand jury indicts Mark Spanevelo for abuse of a corpse
  • An election challenge coming from Conecuh Cty in Sheriff's race there
  • Bird flu found in Lawrence county, not affecting poultry supply in state


  • DOE secretary under fire for grant to battery company operating in China
  • FCC commissioner asks DOJ to investigate Apple and Tik Tok app in store
  • 3 senators react to child trafficking evidence from HHS whistleblower
  • Dr. McCullough calls for end to Covid tax after Germany autopsy results
  • FL man decides to shoplift at Walmart on same day as "Shop with a Cop"

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