• Advocacy group commends Tuberville for standing up for unborn life
  • Sen. Katie Britt endorses Donald Trump on the day of the GOP debates in AL
  • Congressman Strong opposes new EPA rule regarding sales mandate on EVs
  • Congressman Moore says FBI getting away with religious targeting
  • Congressman Carl calls out Google Maps for removing pregnancy center
  • Carl and Moore set date to debate each other in Daphne this coming January
  • F35 fighter jets arriving at Dannelly Field in Montgomery as transition begins


  • Kevin McCarthy to leave officer 10 months early, at end of December
  • Another record day of illegal crossings at US Mexico border, over 12,000
  • Defense secretary seeks more funding for Ukraine, some GOP refuse
  • Lawsuit filed against the US State department for its censorship tactics
  • Federal judge dismisses case in AZ to remove Trump from primary ballot
  • Parents of boy called racist by Deadspin media hire lawyer to get retraction

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