• Pre-filed AL bill would ban smoking in cars with children present
  • Congressmen Strong says Americans should refuse to use Tik Tok app
  • The CEO of Visit Dothan receives prison sentence in Iowa for bank fraud
  • Lawsuit against Walker county sheriff's office claims inmate froze to death
  • Identities given of two men aboard a Black Hawk helicopter that crashed
  • Next week college application fees are waived for high school students


  • More on the train derailment and toxic spill in Ohio
  • SCOTUS to consider lawsuit on 2020 election in a private conference
  • Chairman of CPAC calls on Direct TV to reinstate Newsmax program
  • Russia now demand an investigation into Nord Stream 2 pipeline blast
  • Teenage girl found alive in Turkey earthquake rubble 10 days later
  • Revival starts at Asbury University with college students praying

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