• Mike Rogers pushing Biden Admin to deploy nuclear forces ahead of Putin
  • Sen. Tuberville says recent "equity team" order from Biden is embarrassing
  • Charles Lee speaks out to WAKA, after Montgomery mayor calls him a liar
  • Selma's Police chief is reinstated by city council vote, after mayor's removal
  • Nucor to expand at its facility in Decatur, bringing 200 more jobs
  • Uber testing an audio safety feature in 3 Alabama cities


  • Fire in TN at Uranium processing plant causes 200 to evacuate
  • Transportation Secretary Buttiegieg regrets his reaction to Ohio toxic spill
  • Donald Trump visits with residents of E. Palestine, brings pallets of water
  • Dept of Justice and FBI are approach deadline for docs to House Judiciary
  • Dept. of Defense had sensitive emails not secured for lack of password.

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