• Governor Ivey appoints Bill Lewis to the AL Court of Civil Appeals
  • The AL House has passed bill that provides immunity to IVF clinics in the state
  • Four schools in Fairhope are being ravaged by a norovirus among students & staff
  • Morgan county police will not issue charges re: unforeseen dog attack
  • US senator Katie Britt to deliver rebuttal speech of Biden's "State of the Union"


  • Joe Biden visits US Mexico border and calls for more money for border agencies
  • Donald Trump visits US Mexico border and calls it an invasion aided by Biden
  • The US House passes a continuing resolution to avoid government shutdown
  • The AG for Missouri sues Planned Parenthood for trafficking girls to get abortion
  • James Comer reveals more about the Hunter Biden deposition on Wednesday
  • DefSec Austin goes before House Armed Services committee over his absences

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