• State lawmaker John Rogers to enter guilty plea and step down re: corruption
  • ALGOP takes JeffCo Dems to task for corruption and incompetence
  • AL Port Authority to build trans-modal facility in Montgomery
  • Man accused of murder/rape of 5 year old girl to enter guilty plea this week
  • AL congressional delegates concerned over man named "Molly" at Space Camp
  • The Gift of Life Foundation to help new mother in Lee & Autauga counties


  • House subcommittee release investigation report on Pelosi's J6 Select committee
  • SC Robert Hur testifies to House Judiciary over Joe Biden and classified docs
  • CO congressman Ken Buck to leave office in a week, narrowing GOP lead further
  • RNC's new leadership making cuts in personnel and contracts ahead of election
  • Trump defends Tik Tok says FB is far worse, stock in Meta plunges for 2 days
  • Haiti's prime minister resigns, gang cannibalism wins, US Veteran rescues 10

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