• Alabama House approves the General Fund Budget : heads to conference committee
  • Alabama Senate approves raising the cap on donations to AL Scholarship Fund
  • Niagara Bottling Co. announces new facility to be built in Opelika
  • New electric battery plant in Bibb county starts production
  • Orange Beach city council holds surprise vote to break away from County schools


  • Congress hears speech from Ukrainians president asking for more help
  • Colonel Douglas MacGregor and journalist Lara Logan dispute veracity of the war info
  • Part 3 of conversation with Kyle Boyett over bio labs in Ukraine funded by US
  • Chris Cuomo files arbitration claim for $125 million dollar for his firing
  • NY comptroller report says governor covered up 1,400 Covid deaths in nursing homes
  • Journalist finds the documents on Hunter Biden that Secret Service claimed they couldn't locate

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