• District Judge quashes legal subpoenas against 2 conservative groups in AL
  • Congressman Moore talks about plans for the general election in November
  • State Rep Chip Brown believes a joint committee will take on gambling bill
  • Mobile city council fails to pass ordinance to ban pre-dawn search warrants
  • Controversy over library books came to a head at the Trussville board meeting
  • Enterprise student wins state spelling competition, heads to DC in May


  • SCOTUS rejects emergency request, TX can proceed with arresting illegals
  • Former WH advisor report to prison for refusing a subpoena from J6 committee
  • Federal judge offers 2 jury options to SC Jack Smith that are not going to help him
  • Law professor hopes some NY judge will stop the targeting of Trump in that state
  • MI attorney reveals more details of a case involving Dominion Voting Systems
  • The term Bloodbath still circulating, Trump makes campaign ad with the word

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